Did you know who the church really is? It’s you.

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Here is this weeks episode. I hope you enjoy. I think you’ll learn a lot. It’s just my thoughts. As always I’ve got a spin on something. Please enjoy it. Share it. Like it. Follow me. On my WordPress page as well as in my podcast page. Thank you to anyone who has been following. Thank you to anyone who has been supporting me. Thank you for listening. Just thank you for being you. Thank you Lord for all you’ve done. For God will make a better place for all. We just need to have faith believe trust hope and believe.

All I can say is yes help is on the way thank you Lord!


Good morning! Today as always is an amazing blessing day. God is always working in the mist of it all. All I can say is my life is hard my struggles are real. But God comes right on time. This song by TobyMac really sets the tone for the life that I have and how I wait on God and he always comes right on time. As I talk listen to my phone today my word press message. All I wanna share is this amazing song because it means so much in my life today. My words may stumble my life may be hard I’m not perfect at all. But I know my God comes right on time. He comes right on time for you to. Do not give up on God because he has not given up on you.

Just know that God is for you and not against you. He does really come right on time. For I do not know what tomorrow will bring. That’s not my concern. As God says in his world do not worry about tomorrow for today has enough trouble of its own. I will hold onto all the verses I can know that my God is real and true. I will share it with the world forever and always. How God works in the mist of it all. How Jesus is right there alongside of us walking crying sharing our hearts and sorrows. God knows what he’s doing he created us. Always remember that. He just knows it and all I can do is share it with the world. No matter what the church is done or people have done. Always remember God is not really the church it’s the people that come together in the sanctuary who are. Let’s work together to be a better church. To bring more souls to Christ.

I will pray for everyone and all. If I am no better than you. God has created all of us. We need to work together. To bring glory for his name and for him. I love my Lord so much. No matter what I go through. He’s always been there. He always comes right on time. I pray you listen to this song. And dance along with me. For God is amazing. As I will not fix this text into my phone for my word press page. I just wanted to share off-the-cuff my thoughts my thank you’s to the Lord. Loving this song completely thank you TobyMac for writing it. I know he’ll never understand what his song is done for me. But God does and I hope you listen to the words and really get it in your spirit. God is coming right on time. Again


In life we have so much to face it is hard for all of us at this time.

As the world is hurting and in so much pain. I know my God is working on my behalf.

I still hurt at times. Yes, I am just like anyone else. I am hurting but God. Knows my pain.

So today I just want to share a prayer with you all.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for letting me be able to be real with you. I know I do not know all that you are working on for me. however, I will trust in you. I will keep my faith in you. I know you know my pain. I know you hear my cries. I know you are going to come right on time. I will trust in you for all. Know matter how this world may give up on me. I know you have a greater plan for my life. I pray that as I am hurting so bad. The world understands that you did not give up on me or them. If someone is hurting today like me. I pray out to you for them. that they understand you really are working in their life. I know you have the best for all of your children. We just need to keep looking for you in every way and at every turn of our lives.

Thank you for just hearing my prayer. Thank you for loving be when no one seems to want to hear my cries.

In Jesus name Amen

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struggling Blessed But Not Alone Podcast. Welcomes You to Learn Who is the Announcer of my show.

BlBlazing Blake at his office

My next guest on my podcast is a dear friend of mine. Each week if you have listened to pretty much any one of the latest episodes.  You will hear him each week welcome you to listen to my podcast. His name Is Blazing Blake Linsey. Blake and his wife have been a dear friend of mine for the last seven years.  Not only does Blake have a great voice but he has the best Can Do attitude.  He has such a great story to tell about his childhood and life. That I am proud to share with you. Blake has not only agreed to come om my show to share with you some of his life story. He has written a book or two. So, that he can share his life with the world. The book is called Blind for A Purpose. This book is a must read for anyone. Especially if you have a child. However, it is just a great read for anyone. He shares his life story with you. sharing how at a young age he had cancer.  Blake shared with us how it changed his life. How his parents do not see it as a problem but a blessing. His parents bring him up to have a Can-Do Attitude. Even though the cancer takes a part of his life away. His parents do not let that stop him from being just like any other little boy. You will be amazed to hear how his parents.  Instill this young boy with such a can-do attitude.

Blazing Blake Blind for A PurposeSo, let me just share that podcast link with you. Please, take out a little time and listen to this episode for it will. Make you smile. It will make you think twice about not thinking you can do something. I think you will even think about life differently. I believe you will have a can-do attitude after listening to Blakes story. He will show you how all things are possible. No matter what you may face in life.

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The Strength Only God Can Give, To a Daughter, Wife, and Mother of Seven Children!

a picture of Ruth Bonfeild Teresa Dear friend

In life A little girls dream is to have a white wedding with all the Cinderella perks. I do not know too many girls that grow up that do not have this dream. A Disney World dream for sure. Well, I want to share. I have a dear Friend named Ruthie. Yes, she met her prince while she was still in High School. Everything was as she states Roses and daisies.  Hence, life took a toll pretty much during their wedding or just a few months before this grand event.  Her new mother-in-law gets news from the doctor. Which makes Joey and Ruthie speed up their wedding plans.  Joey’s mother news is so big that the family is also in shock. Nevertheless, the love of this family brings them all to be even closer. Not only with each other but also having faith in the lord to get them through it all.

Now, as a new family would want to do.  Even as this family loses a loved one. There dreams of having children is a big part of there dreams. Both Joey and Ruthie share with me. They want a big family. For they both have come from large ones. That they could not see, NOT bringing a few bundles of joy into this world. While they are doing what all new married couples do. Is try, Try, and keep trying.  There trying and trying is not Totally bringing them the results they want. Ruthie and Joey seek out medical help. They then go with a medical plan of treatment. Which should help them in having some little blessings from above. God blesses them right away. They Get news that they have ben blessed with not only one but three bundles of joy. All is going well for the Bonfeild family. Life is grand. Well as life has a way of showing you that all is not grand all the time. Ruthie has to now face a loss that is so big. Never losing faith, her faith in the Lord is stronger than the loss. She is not happy in one way, but she knows God is in control. She deals with it gracefully. Yes, Ruthie and joey are still at a loss, but they seek to know that God is in control. They know that God is totally on the throne.  They even have faith to keep on this path of having children.  Quickly God blesses them again. They are what they think now on there way to having a large family. As their stories of there seven children are large. Joey and Ruthie are struck with more bad news.  Ruthie learns from a Knock at her door. That Being a mother is not easy at all. Her own rock being her own mother.  

Now the knock at the door is about her own mother.

This knock at the door is not only shocking to her but it is also making National News while the person at the door is sharing the news about her mother.

Please join me in listening to my dear friend share her story of finding her strength in the Lord while all types of hard-hitting news hit her family. I could not give this story the correct words by again writing about it so here is my interview with my dear friend.

The strength only God can give to a daughter first then a wife and a mother of seven

Who has been my rock during some of my hard times? She genuinely wants to share more of her life with you. For her story does not end really where we left off. Nevertheless, I do believe as I listened back over it when we were done. God has a message for someone today in being a mother and having children.  So, I am proud to stop there as my dear friend Ruthie is to for now. We will for sure come back and share mor of her life. Just know she does not waver in her faith. She leans on Philippians 4:13 in her life for all. Which the bible verse is just in case you do not know that one is. I can do all things with Christ who strengthens me.  

I pray this episode shows you that there truly is a God no matter again what is put in your life’s path. God will get his children through it all. Yes, we have to go through all types of life issues but having faith is something I pray you do not lose sight of. For he will be with you during it all. Only God knows Why!  Know that God never promises us an easy life while we are here. However, he does promise to get us through it all.  He does love you no matter your trials. Please read the books of James, 1 Peter, and Philippians to see we may have struggles in life. No Matter how hard our struggles are. We can have trust, joy, hope, belief, peace, and faith. That God is there for you and me. Jesus truly walks alongside us during these trials while we are here on earth. Yes, I do believe this with all of my heart, and I hope you see that too. Or learn that while listening or reading my blog.

Thank You to my dear Friend for sharing her story with me and the world. As I do miss her. I know she is only a phone call or text away. I do thank God for her bundles.  Of joy as well. For they do reach out to me at times to say they love me and want to make sure I am ok.  So, as I share this with you all. I do this podcast in memory of both of their grandmothers and siblings that are now in Heaven. Kristina, Joanna, and Emma   I Love you all dearly. XOXOXo

From Aunt Teresa!!

THe Blessing After The Crash!

Luke stands on a wooded trail, wearing a t-shirt and ballcap.

In life we all have dreams of what or how we want our life to be like. We never want to believe that we may have a life changing event happen to us, where our life will get flipped upside down. Maybe even having our dreams crushed. Where it may have us believing that we may never see the dreams we have come to pass. Well Today I would like to share an amazing life changing story about a young man. Who has this type of story. I have the honor to invite him on my show and interview him.  I am so thankful to him and God for trusting me with sharing his life story with the world.

Yes, at the age of 19 his world flips upside down. His dreams come to a crashing halt. Let me share with you. My new dear friend and brother in Christ is Luke Seibert. I would love for you to check out my pod cast. For this young mans amazing story.  I could not put his story in to words. For it would not be told as it needs to be. Just by me sharing it on my blog. So, I invite you to have a listen to my latest podcast. To hear Luke’s ever changing life’s story. From Luke himself. I have to share as you will hear in this podcast episode. He shares so much with me about his life. That even while I am interviewing him. Luke keeps surprising me with it all. There are so many twists and turns on how he comes through it all.

 If you do not have faith in the Lord or are questioning your faith. I want to share I would be surprised if after you hear Luke’s story. You do not say. OK God I cannot, not believe in you. I cannot doubt this is not your mighty hand at work.,

 I want you in my life Lord.  I have to share Luke even helps me in my vision loss. He is a man that teaches me a few things about being able to get through my blindness. So, as I share this interview with you all. I know God sent him my way just to help me in my loss of vision.  Not only to be a story for the world to hear on my podcast.

For me I loved how God shows up in every way of Luke’s life.  So, please click on the link below. Sit back relax and get ready for a podcast. That will have you at the edge of your seat the hole time. I know this interview will keep you engaged Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Luke Seibert the Blessing After The Crash Story  https://anchor.fm/teresa-guffanti/episodes/Luke-Seibert-the-Blessing-After-The-Crash-Story-er6rgs

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for this interview with Luke. I pray that his story reaches far and wide. As you know all you can do for your children. No Matter the storms of life.  I know you do not cause anything to really hurt us. Life on earth is hard because we live in a fallen world. I know as Luke dose too. That you are a good God. That as our lives may turn in ways we do not understand. You will always keep us in the palm of your hands. That no weapon will form against us. That as we live our lives.  We need to just hold on to your word that you will get us through it all. The struggles may be hard, we truly are blessed.  And as I have learned we are not alone. No matter the storms of life. Thank you always for letting me always have great fellowship on my podcast. To share with the world. I pray this interview it blesses others to know you as we do Lord.

In Jesus Name Amen

Episodes show notes:

This week’s episode is all about my Guest Luke Seibert. Luke shares with us his life changing event. How this life changing event brings him on a journey that no one really saw coming. How God really is awesome. In bringing your life back no matter the storms of life

Luke Seibert lives in north Alabama and is the oldest of seven children. He has a background in carpentry and construction, but since becoming blind, has become an author and gone back to school. He enjoys writing novels, doing woodwork, and playing bluegrass music. Over the past few years, he became heavily involved in the National Federation of the Blind and serves on the board of the Alabama Association of Blind Students. Today, he is enrolled at Midwestern Baptist Seminary and preaches regularly at the church he attends.

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“Scripture quotations used by Luke in the podcast are taken from the NASB (New American Standard Bible) Copyright 1971, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission. All rights reserved. www.lockman.org

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Today’s Struggles Are Never To Big For Your GOD!

people sitting at a table Photo by Rebrand Cities on Pexels.com

It is really early. However today I must write to you all. I need to share. The Devil will not have me believe the Lies of this world. Today as I am doing this podcast. Writing my journey story. The storm is getting hard. Yes, the struggles are real, but my God is bigger then the lies of this world. Let me share with you all. I think because I am now doing a podcast and sharing my story out. The storm is starting to really brew. I am watching from a distance. As I am also living out this struggle. As people are getting away with doing me wrong. They maybe climbing the latter. Let me first share I do not wish any hardship on anyone. NO not at all.

It is absolutely amazing how my life flipped upside down. In a million ways since I have come to Texas. Let me share my life has never been easy. No not in one way. As I have started to share with you all on my podcast. If you know me, you will know for sure this truth. For you have seen it play out as I have.

Nevertheless, as I do and will keep on doing for my whole life. I will share GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME! NO MATTER THE STORM!

Yes, that is a truth that I can hole on to for sure.

Let me now share with you. All of a sudden, every item that I spoke about in my podcast like the 72,000.00 debt, the court case for my EEOC claim is showing up. I am glad that it is coming to pass. What I mean by this is, they are and have been playing with my life for too long. By not wanting to speak with me. No, they really still do not want to speak with me. They just want to send me stuff. Saying that I am not correct or that I have no rights in my statements. I was even told by someone yesterday. I am having more issues because I worked there. They feel like I need to be held at a higher standard.  

I get no answers to my questions. I cannot believe that one person could cause so much trouble for me. Then get away with it. They really are playing a game with me. It is not ok but as I do say it really is ok. That they are playing games with me. I always have shared during this process. I did not do anything to deserve this. However, if I am wrong in any way, I will do what is right.  That God knows the truth of it all. He will always supply all that I need. I do wish people would really learn I am a God GIRL. What I mean is you can be mean to me. You can treat me bad. You can tell lies. However, even if I did do something wrong. I will sit down and make it right.  Also, I know I will not let anyone walk over me. That God is going to get the glory for it all. The miss treatment in this let’s call it a debacle. Is so wrong but God will carry me through it all.

I cannot believe how some people get away with there lies. Again, nothing is going to bring me down for long. For I serve a God who I trust fully with my life.

Yes, I do!

I have walked away from so many things. That I knew were wrong. Where people would have said to me. Just stay. You cannot do it (leave that is). Pretty much telling me that I have to conform to the lies of this world. That my job or whatever is not correct is the only way to make it in this world.

Well, as I am sharing NO I will not lay down for the wrongs of this world. I serve a MIGHTY GOD!

If I do what is right and even if I am not right at times. As long as I do my best and not conform to the lies of the world. God will get me through this for sure.

He will do the same for you. Be truthful in all you do. It will work out in the end. I know this for sure.  It is just sad that this has happen. I did all that I could. I DID MY JOB. I Gave then all they needed during this time. With the correct documents.

Now let me share I will sit at this table before my enemies. Yes, let me share God will set a table before my enemies. He will fight this battle for sure. If I am wrongly convicted. I will take my judgement and do my time. Whatever time is for me. Hence, let me share with you God will give me the strength to get through it. HE will help me get through it all. He will provide me the outlet to serve the judgement. He will get the glory at the end. I know I am not perfect. I have done all that I can. I have put this on the alter for the Lord. So, as I always share LET’S GO GOD!  YOU TAKE THE WHEEL!

I pray if you are going through a storm of life you. Just grab on to Gods word. Do not let anyone tell you he is not there for you. That you just have to conform to the lies of this world.

If I am found guilty of the lies of the world it is ok. For if I can share with you God will show up and help you with it all.

If you feel you have nothing at this time. Let me share you do. It is the only thing you need. Sorry if you are not a believer in Christ.  This may be hard for you to hold on to or believe.

BUT I have to share and yes it will be all in capital letters. For I am shouting it out to the world to hear.


I will say it again.


Today as I am writing this of course I am playing praise and worship music.

As I do so many times. No matter what is going on.

Let me share it is the best of Anthony Evans. I just asked my home device to play music. I should have known! She would here from God. And play Anthony Evans first out of the box.

The first song was See it again. Then sing a Hallelujah.  Then Fighting for us. Going on and on.

Also let me share as I did get bad news this week. God has already started providing me with GREAT NEWS!

I have to share that A dear friend who I have not talked to in years. Has come to my table and helping me.


Whether it is by funding my podcast, praying for me. Listening to me tell my story. On my podcast or this blog Struggling blessed But Not Alone. May God be the Glory.

This Friday I have an amazing man named Luke Seibert. On my podcast. Sharing his Life story.

Do not miss that podcast. I will put it up for you all. In the next few days.

I am sure God will give me something great to share on my blog. To lead into his podcast.  Then the next week, I will talk about my struggles. It will be another great one. I will not disappoint you.

I will also share the victories that I have had in some of my struggles of life. Following all that there will be another amazing guest on. I am not too sure who, but I do have some interviews done. I just need to sit down and see where I want to go. I will let you in on that during my solo.

There are amazing things happening as well. So, please follow me. To stay up to date on my life and how God is really true and really working in the mist of it all.

The storm may be hard the struggle is real. Always remember you are Blessed!  BUT YOU ARE NEVER ALONE IN YUR JOURNEY!

Thank you too all! 😊

dear heavenly Father,

I come boldly to you at your feet. I know you have the best plans for all of us. No matter what the world is going through. I know you have your children in the palm of your hands. This road may be long. This road may be hard. But I serve a MIGHTY GOD! You will supply all my needs to your riches and glory. Philippians 4:19. I know the plans you have for me. You declare them over your children Jeremiah 29:11. You will never leave us. I can do all things with you Christ who strengthen me Philippians 4:13.

Just thank you for making the way. When I do not see the way. I pray as I always do. For my readers, listeners, friends, and anyone who needs to be lifted up to you Lord. You

are the beginning and the end.

I pray all this in your sons Glorious Name Jesus Christ Amen!

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Check out my podcast, Struggling Blessed BUT Not Alone, on Anchor! https://anchor.fm/teresa-guffanti

Please if you are new to my podcast.  I invite you to listen to more than one before you make a choice.  Just know For as I do share, I am new to this all. I am not perfect with them. It is a great work in process.  God is the Glory to this all.  I am sure I will get better in time. Why not watch me grow in it? With God by our side. All is possible.