Detours In Life May Shock Us However God Knows Why The Detour took Place! His Plans Over Shine The Detour of Life!

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We all go on a detour at some point in our life. You may go on a detour while you are driving in your car. You may go on a detour while you are shopping at your local store. You may go on a detour when talking to a friend with your conversation. You may go on a detour when thinking you are going to clean your home than get started on something else. Your detour even may get you on to a road of a detour to then bring you on to another detour.

Did you know that God takes us on many detours in life? God may have you on a path in life that drives you for years in one way but then brings you to another path with a greater detour in your first path.  You may be young and not see the road ahead of you or you could be an older person and think your detour is now just the way of life for you. That the dream you had will never come to pass. That if you would have stayed doing one thing God would have had the first dream come to life.

Well, today I want to share with you my life has taken many detours. I as a little girl have had many dreams in life where I have even given up on that dream for ever.  Let me share with you do not stop dreaming or thinking that heart’s desire is not in God’s plan for you.  God has a bigger plan in store for all of us. As I share with you my life each week on this blog and in my podcast.  I want you to know that God will always show up right on time. No matter what you think may be happening or what you feel may bring you to an outcome.

God does show up for you. He really does plan our steps. As we read, his word. One can see in the bible. Verses like Jeremiah (29:11)

 “for I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. “(NIV) Also in proverbs (16;9), “The mind of man plans his way, the Lord directs his steps”. (NASB).  Where these are just two of many. That lets us know God has a greater plan for our lives. We just need to live our lives being faithful to him. Planting seeds with him knowing we trust in him no matter the outcome. Knowing that the outcome will truly be a greater plan for his Glory Romans (8:28). “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose”. (KJV)

Pleas know he (God) really has the best for you all. That there is not one thing that he cannot change or work out for a different outcome. No problem, dream, heart’s desire, life issue, struggle or storm Is too big or too small for him.  Please do not feel also like he is too busy to get you through your life journey. That you know someone who needs help from him more than you do. He never sleeps so believe in him having the time to take care of you.

He really wants the best for his children. He just wants us to talk with him. Trust in him. See that his son really came down to help us. For our sins were just too large we could not follow the laws that he had in place. Therefore, His son Jesus. Had to do what we could not do. Jesus did not come to hurt us, make us feel less important. He came just to share the Good News that his Father (GOD) Loved us so much that. He put his son Jesus on the cross to help in our sins. Please join me today in my latest podcast. Where I tell you another STRUGGLE story That God works out for me and for his Glory. That I will show you that the detour in life may have you thinking is this all for Nothing or is this detour just a set up for my first dream or heart’s desire. You even knowing that God will get the victory in your dream as you go through it with your detours. Changing that road to bring you to a bigger ending with the Lord on your side. That your dreams are not done until God takes you home. To spend eternity with him in his kingdom. Also know he created you with all intentions of helping you throughout your life. The only thing is we need to take that leap of faith. Plant a seed just a tiny one. That we believe in him. No matter what the world brings our way. I pray you can see what I share is just my story but how God is working in and through me for his Glory.  I am not a pastor, I am not a large leader, I am not a superstar, I do not have any big status behind my name.  I am not rich. I get nothing out of sharing my life story with you all. I am just a small Girl living my life. Having life challenges just like you may have. My life is not perfect at all. I put on my pants the same way you do. I even at this time have no job with lots of trials that bring a lot of hardships my way. Nevertheless, the one thing I do know and will stand in front of or behind. I serve a mighty God. That will shine through no matter my struggles of life.  The world and people in my life may not believe in me but……… WE SERVE A MIGHTY GOD! Who will take care of me as he will for you? In his timing with his riches and Glory. I can share no matter my struggles I will lean on that truth no matter the storms of life.

Here is my latest podcast for you to hear this detour story that did not surprise God. But did me as I look back on it all.  As I show the world Gods mighty hand in my life for his glory in and through me.


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for being that right on time father. For not giving up on me as the world has. For letting me show the world no matter the struggle we are now facing. You really are on that throne. That you have a greater plan for all of us. That my story is just one of many to share with the world How your word is alive today and stronger then ever before. I pray as my readers and listener tune in each week. They see you more then they hear me. That you give me the strength keep this up and not be afraid of anything. I know fear is not a thought you want me to bring into my world or thoughts. So, with that lord I ask for your hand over me and a hedge of protection over this new venture. That you have me on. For your Glory and only your GLORY! Help anyone that is reading my blog or listening to my podcast. Soften hearts of people that listen or read. To know I am just sharing your love to them and for all to know WHO YOU ARE!

I pray this and so much more each day in your sons Glorious Name.


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