Please Help And Support In Making A Young Married Couples Family Dreams Come Alive in 2021!

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Hello, to All,

Today I want to share a story with you all about a young married couple. As we all know one of the many joys of getting married is the joy of wanting to create a family. There are not too many couples that not only want to share there life together. They want to have the Lord greatest blessing of all. Which is a child or two. A child is a blessing a gift from the Lord for sure. I am not married, nor do I have the honor of having any gifts of a bouncing joy of life from the Lord nevertheless, I pray that if you are and you have been blessed with this the greatest gift you could have ever been given. That this story touches your heart to want to help them out. Please and only if you are touched by the Lord to do so. I ask you to help out in any way you can. Weather it is just adding them to your prayers each day for Gods will and blessings of a child or if you feel in your heart to dig into your pockets and give a small amount of your earnings to this couple. I am glad to have this blog as a platform to be able to bring stories of other people’s journeys, struggles, teachings, and blessings that God feels to show me to share with you all.

Now, I have attached a video from the couple themselves. For I have two reasons for doing so. One is that I do not want to mess up their story to you about their need. The second reason is for it is the way you can also be a blessing if you can financially donate. Again, if you are touched and the Lord puts it in your heart to do so. I would like to share as well.  That if you do donate to this couple you will not only be a blessing to someone else nonetheless, but you will also be blessed for it. Another reason. As, I have before shared with you about a Pastor friend in California. The couple’s father is My dear friend’s daughter Pastor Willie and His beautiful wife Terri Mays. He the Pastor willie is a pastor at Corona Church of Christ and is beautiful wife is not only a beautiful person, but she has also been given a beautiful gift from the Lord. It is her singing voice. She has put together a song for you to enjoy as a gift back to you for your blessings to their family. 

So please click below to see their story and give how you can even if it is just prayers. A prayer is not just a prayer it is also the greatest gift you can do for someone. For the Lord wants to hear from us as well as he wants us to pray for one another. Thank you in advance for walking along side of me in their journey.

 I also pray that we can make there 2021 dreams a reality. That the Lords will be done and for his glory in this dream of building a family.

 I have also attached links to Pastor Willie Mays’s Church and the link to donate. So if you are looking to learn more about them you can do so as well.  Thank you again! 😊

click here to be welcome to- Corona Church of Christ

click here to the Legend continues donate link

Dear Heavenly Father,

Today, I come boldly to your feet at your throne. To ask first for a hedge of protection over the Simms family’s dreams for having the blessing only you can give of having a child. Father I ask you for your glory and your will to be done in this family’s life. I know only you know the answers to why or why not something is going to happen in your children’s life. No matter how you bless them. I pray you answer their prayers in their dreams of having a child. I know if we truly ask, seek, and Knock you will show up with what your will is for our lives. I am asking at this time for you to hear all the prayers in doing this for them. Again, if it is your will. I ask you to bring them the joy comfort and peace you can only give to us. Within their lives as you have showed us in your word you can open any womb and create a miracle of life. So, I pray over all of this for them. I pray not only for them to be able to collect the money that is needed to start this process. I pray that even after that you keep a special hand over them during all of it, I am going to pray now for that child’s life to bring a special gift back to you during his or her life. That they will grow up to love and serve you as much as this family does. That he can walk in the footsteps that only you can give to your child. I know that you can move mountains. So, I am planting a seed today. For you to move mountains for this family in their dreams in building their family. I thank you in advance for your glory and will in all of this journey of life.

We love you, honor you, and pray this in your son’s name.

In Jesus Christ Name Amen!

2 thoughts on “Please Help And Support In Making A Young Married Couples Family Dreams Come Alive in 2021!

  1. God’s morning Teresa, I just read this post regarding my daughter, son-in-law, and grandson as well as future grandchild. May God’s richest blessings be upon you for sharing and supporting their dream. and story. I ask that the Holy Spirit moves mightily to answer for God’s Glory, because HE IS STILL MORE THAN ABLE!!!!

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    1. Amen! Thank you for that however, it is my joy to pleasure two not only share with my readers but to bring it up to the Lord for his blessing in it. So let’s stand together in prayer and watch God do his miracle work for all of what his will in glory is for all things! May God get the glory be the glory and your daughter and son-in-law receive the joy of this answered prayer!💕😇


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