A Growth In My Walk with The Lord! ( On A New Journey)

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Sorry! I do not like to post 2 blogs in a day but, I need some prayer on this one! Please also make sure you do not miss the other post I did today! For it will bring you the answer to a winning Lotto ticket. 😊

Yesterday, as I was in my prayer time with the lord.  I was thinking. What can I, study to get better in God’s word? I thought, “let me see how many times the word blessed is in the bible?” So, the next thing I did was open My Bible Gateway APP. I typed in the search box the word “BLESSED.”  Did you know it is in the Bible 290 times? That it is in the Old and New Testament. Then I started to think, I am going to pray over my thoughts. Hey maybe I should blog about my study on this topic. Also, I think I want to get a group of Ladies to come together and study with me.

Now, I have never led a Bible study before however, I am trying to get better with my walk with the lord as I have told you about my walk with the lord. I am blogging this with you all for I would like you all to pray for me, as I start this journey. I am going to ask a few people that I do know to see if they would like to join in with me. I do feel like I do need some prayer over this for I have never led a Bible study. I think I will see how to start a YouTube channel. To share with others. I also know God is doing a greater thing in my life. As I have shared with you all. I am trying to write a book giving God the glory for my life story. I am not sure where God is taking me currently.  However, I just figured that I would put this out on my blog and just start this part of my journey in this manner. I think at this point the only way to learn and grow is to keep seeking what the Lord is doing in my life.  Please, come along side me and pray for Gods wisdom on this. Weather it is to Start a YouTube channel or/and A Bible Study. I know he is working in my life for sure. I am proud to say I am a child of his and I love that I want to come together with other believers in seeking out his will for my life. As I do pray others want to seek out what god is doing in their life for his glory too.

I do know when I was home with my dad. I had a lot of time where God showed up during my dad’s last few days here on earth.  This may sound crazy to some of you. Nevertheless, God (the holey spirit) was working on me as he is always doing. So, at this time I think this is the next step in my journey for and with the lord. Never in a million years did I think I would be doing something like this. However, I do know when you are walking with the Lord it may be strange to you and me but not to the Lord. Please join me in prayer to seek out if this is something God really is pressing on my heart to do. I thank you for your prayers in advance.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come boldly to you at your feet to seek your wisdom on this topic. I love that I have a walk with you. For I am not sure how to go about all of this. Nevertheless, I do believe that you put this in my heart.  I pray that this can only be done if it is your will for me to do. I pray that you send me the correct people in my path to join me on this journey. I pray that as my readers read this blog each week, they see me glorify you. That they know I cannot do anything with out you in my life. I pray that they come to love you as much as I do. If not more. I pray if anyone of my readers are hurting today you give them the strength. They need to get through it. That they know we are all your children and you do not do for one. That you do for all. Everyone’s walk is different nevertheless, the master plan in their walk is for them to be more like your son. I pray that they know you are walking along side of them in all their life. That they know you are never going to leave them. That this world may be hard on them and for them. Even still, through all of what they are going through you are walking along with them. That you give them all they need each day to move closer to you.

In Jesus Name amen!

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