A Hedge Of Protection!

Today I just want to pray for you if you are hurting in life. Even if you are not. I pray that you just received this prayer to help you through whatever you are going through.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I am coming to you to ask for a hedge of protection over my readers. I know as we are your children there are times that we are so much needing to hear from you. In this world there are times where we feel like you are so far from us. However, I have always heard that is when you are working on our behalf more. Therefore, as I bring all my readers to your feet. I ask you to show

up for them the way they need to hear from you. That you do nolet the devil get in their head for anything. That they know you are working all their lives to glorify you. That they will see the victory you have for them when they know to just lean on you and not the world. That they know you are there source and resource for all. That even when they feel so alone. That they know you are always right there with them. That you will never leave them or for sake them. That you have them in the palm of your hand. There is no one that can come and take them out of your hand. No matter what may come into their thought’s. You have the best for them no matter what the world is saying. They need to know you are truly in there corner. I thank you for all that you are doing even when we cannot see it. I know you know just when to show up for us. I pray that this covid ends soon for the world needs to be shaken but, the true believer knows you are in control of this world. That you have the best for your children. That your protection is on us no matter what the world is facing. That we keep on giving you the glory no matter how hard it is during this time. I Know that we think we know all the answers to our life issues. However, you again are working a better plan out for us.  Then we could ever think. I ask you to put a hand over anyone that is struggling today. For I know I am. Therefore, I figured I would lift them up to you today too. Please, be our comforter during these times. Thank you! lord, for always hearing our prayers. Also, thank you! For always doing a greater work in us, and through us. I know all our struggles may not be the same. Still, that you are working them out for us and for our glory to you. I would not have it any other way. Please, just comfort us when we just feel like no one is caring about us. That we see you working in every way.

I pray this in Jesus name AMEN!

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