Take A Dance with The Lord!

God knows what you can handle. Today I want to share a story of having faith. I took a dance with the Lord and I let him lead about 10 years ago. I was still living in South Florida, living in my condo. It was late at night, let me set the stage for you all.

I was in my master bedroom sleeping. I was fast a sleep in my nice warm bed. I had woken up just like anyone else would in the late-night hours. Just to use the powder room. Well, I moved the covers off me. Turned to sit up putting my feet on the floor to go to my powder room. I was so sleepy that night. I wanted to make my trip to the restroom fast. I was enjoying my night’s sleep. Well, as I am sharing, I put my feet on the floor. The next thing I knew my feet were in water. About an inch deep. I said, “No, this is a bad dream.” I put my hand on the floor to see that Yes it was everywhere. I walked over to my bathroom for it was close to my bed. I thought what is leaking. Well there was water an inch deep in the bathroom as well. I checked everywhere (under the sink, in the shower, around the toilet). There were no leaks anywhere. I was now in a panic. I could not figure out where the water was coming from. I did not even know where to start to clean it up. I just was feeling overwhelmed. I just knew that the water was just coming from somewhere. I walked out into my hallway where the second bathroom was. Thank God as I left the bedroom. There was water but not as high as in my bedroom. I checked my laundry area. No water leaks there. No water leak in the second bathroom. I was just stumped. Where was this water coming from? I was just now in tears. I just knew I was back in college and had had little to no money. I did not even have anyone to really call.  Then I went to the kitchen to get away from the water. Then, I thought ok. I do have a neighbor next to me. I was not friendly at this point with my neighbor for she was old and had a lot of issues. That made her unfriendly however, I knew I needed to see if she had water in her condo. Well, I walked outside going to her door. Why yes, she did there was a mop and bucket outside her door. Even though I knew how she was. I still knocked on her door. I did know she may not answer the door. Yet, I tried anyways. She did not come to the door. I was again not surprised at this. She was old and lived alone as well. I did share with her years ago. When we were friends. I did not care how late it was for her never to answer the door. So, I did know just to go back in too my home. Try to clean it up and wait until later to see if I could get in touch with her son and daughter in law. To see if they knew what the issue was. I was friends with her daughter in law and son. So, I did know that I could call them and see if they had any idea. What happen.

Well, at this point I was still not sure how I was going to take care of what the issue was with all the water on the floor. I could not mop it up the water was on carpet. I could take care of the bathroom but, not the bedroom or the hallway. I did call a friend about a block away from me even though it was late. They did not answer as well.  All I did know is what am I going to do. No money, no way to clean up the carpet. How would I do this alone.

Well, then it hit me all at once. Teresa, what are you doing? You know the answer to this. I just stopped crying and leaned against a wall in my living room.  I looked up to the ceiling. I started off saying! Oh My God, YES! Lord!

Dear heavenly Father, what am I doing? You know I may not know the answer to how I am going to get this worked on. Nevertheless, I have seen you work so many times before in my life. So, Father currently, I am going to stop my crying. Father let’s go. Yes, father let’s dance. I will let you take the lead. I know you have done so much for me in the past. As you know father, I am in school right now because of you fully paid for. I know I am your child. I know you will not leave me or forsake me. I know I am not sure how to do this. Yet! Let’s dance God you take the lead I will follow. Thank you, God I know you will take care of this better than I can, that you will do this for me. In Jesus name Amen!   

Well, after I prayed to my Lord and savior. I just grabbed some over sized towels knowing this would not really help the water issue. I laid them down to grab up some of the water.

Then I just felt like there was nothing else I could do at this time. I prayed! I called the best person that I could. That would always take my call. No matter, the time. I had a peace that sir passed all understanding. I need all of you to know. It was going to be alright. For I did know and feel this in my heart too. So, with knowing this God just helped me to just fall back to sleep until around 8am. When I did awaken, I was well rested that was a blessing to start off with. Next, I knew I needed to get my homeowners insurance company on the phone, to let them know what had happen. So, I did just that. When I got an agent on the phone.

I shared with the agent what the issue was. The agent told me that I had a deductible that I had to meet before they would help me. Still, the agent shared that she was sure that with what I was sharing. The deductible would not cover my damage and that they would cover the rest. She would now set up a visit for me. With an insurance adjuster to come out and see what the damage was going to be. She told me while I waited for the adjuster to come out to get a carpet company or someone to come out with some fans to help me with the water on my floor to dry it up. She was so nice. She even helped me find a company to help me do this. I just knew that I was dancing with my Lord and he was leading me in all the correct directions.

 At this point I was not worried about it all. I had seen God do amazing things in my life in the past, so I was just letting God again, take the lead on this dance. I found out that my neighbor was the reason for my leak. Yet! In South Florida it is a no-fault state. So, I had to just have my insurance company deal with my water issues. I did call my neighbors daughter in law and son for they would really share what did happen.  My dear friends did care about what happened to me as well. Nevertheless, I just had a great conversation saying I know this will be ok. That God would take care of me and my neighbor their Mom.

If I can share if you have any issue in your life, Please take my lead and have a dance with your God. Let him lead in all issues in life. The dance will turn out better then you would ever imagine. I have to say I did know this before I took this lead letting God lead the dance. Hence, I needed a reminder that night to do it again. It always works to take a dance with your Lord and savior. I currently, no matter the issues. I have learned to just lean on him for all.

Let’s go back to the story and how God bless me First let me share as well. He gave me that home so, why would he not take care of this problem. Well. When the agent (insurance adjuster) finally got to my home. Looked at the damage. He wrote it up and I had a check in my hands for more money then I could have thought. The damage had done so much that it could take care of a new paint job for my condo, all new flooring through out my home. Even money to take care of the wet walls that were between me and my neighbor. I could even pay back the deductible with the money they gave me to fix my home up.

Yes! God is a loving and caring God! He walked me through it all. I found all the people that I needed to help me as well. Get my home back to a home again,

So, as I share this story with you 10 years later. I do know my struggles are hard currently. This is just a reminder for me to share with the world that God will get you through anything. If he did it for me. He will surely do it for you. If he did it before he will do it again, your struggle may be a harder one than mine. However, all struggles are hard when you are going through them. You may think my struggles are harder than your struggles. But I am here to let you know your struggles are just as hard as mine. Yes, you are just as important as I am. God will not do for one of his children and not do for another. Do not think you are not just as important as anyone else. He knows where you are in life and just how to get you through it. So, if I can share one more thing with you. Yes! Even through this COVID! Go into your closet and get your prettiest dress or most handsome dance outfit. Put on those dance shoes. Say a prayer to God. Telling him you are ready to take that dance and let him lead you through it all. I promise because of who he is. The dance will be the best dance ever. All will go better then ever. The dance will be so elegant, peaceful, joyful, com, and better than you could have dreamed if you took control. Let him lead all your dances in life. The dance will be just at the right time. With just the correct turns, dips, spins, flips, hops, jumps and just the correctly ending bow. It will just be the greatest one ever. Then just get your dance clothes ready for the next dance for that one will be better than the last one. Remember, God never promises an easy life while we are here on earth. So, lets enjoy every dance with him. Letting him lead in each one. Also, remember to give him the Glory for the dance as well.

Versus you can lean on during your dance can be….

Romans (8 :28), James (1:2-6), Proverbs (3:5-6), Romans (15:13), Psalms (9:9-10)

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for letting me have a dance with you in every storm of life. I am so proud to let you lead in everyone of my dances with you. I know as I follow your lead in the dances of life by you controlling them all. Your steps will be the best ones I could ever take. I do not like my struggles but, I do love the dances I have with my father. So again, Thank you for every one of them. I pray my readers will let you dance with them and let you lead in there dance as well. You are the best dancer of it all. So, I am proud to share my dance with the world for your glory. I do love and honor you my lord.

In Jesus name Amen!

One thought on “Take A Dance with The Lord!

  1. Teresa,

    Finally got a chance to read this. It is so on target, I remember this incident and how everything fell into place and it reconfirms what you have always said to me “God will provide what I need when I need it”! Wonderful true story to be shared with everyone!!!! Really makes me slow down and take time to ask God to get me through the hard times and put my worries to him to take care of in His time not mine. You have given me so much insight over the years as to what it means to really believe. I have seen it so many times with you. Thank you for always being here for me also as you continue your journey. Much love and lots of prayers for you!!!

    Bonnie Lee

    Liked by 1 person

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