Fighting For Us!

Ok, it is about 1:30 am in the morning. I slept little tonight nevertheless; I want to share again God is on fire in my soul. I did not think I would do this tonight. Get on my blog and type to you all however, I just must share with you all. You never know when God is going to have you help one of his children. I just was calling to get my iPhone fixed. The new upgrade. It always has kinks when a software update is given. More so for me because of my special needs (blindness). Anyways it was just like any other time I call in that is what I thought would be. Well, it was not God had me speak about him and his son. I will not share the story that I got into with the fine gentlemen. For that is private nevertheless, I just want to share. Other things about this call. I am now praying for his family and they will be ok. It is not because I say they will be ok. It is because God says that. I want to share that I prayed for his family right after I hung up with this fine gentleman. I felt the spirit so much I asked my Echo device to play some Anthony Evans for if you do not know. He is one of my favorite singers. Well, the first song that came on is called HE is fighting for us! At this time, I am playing it over and over So, as you read this you may want to play this song too. I know you all may not know this. I do not find it to be odd that I have a conversation with anyone that I meet about God. I just have learned to not put my God behind any bush. I never push the subject. There is always something that leads me to speak about the goodness of God. I always start in to a I am not trying to push my faith on you, or I am not sure where your faith is with God. However, can I share something. I truly little get a NO thanks! Well, tonight was just one of those days. At this time, I have come on here to just let anyone know that God is a Good God. Just like Anthony is singing he is fighting for us. Know this world is just that a hard and cruel one. Yes, God created it. Yes, if you do believe in him you are a child of his. However, he says in his word. We are not promised an easy life here on earth. He if you look in the Bible pretty much read anywhere in all the books of the bible; they are having troubles. Yet, he shows if we just trust in him God and his son Jesus. Are trials maybe hard however Joy comes at the end. I know sometimes our trials are so hard and we want joy Now. Did you know you should have that Joy in your trouble as well? Yes! I know some of you may be saying that is too hard. I do hear you. There are days I do say, Really God how can I find Joy today. I as I write this to you, I am writing this to myself. I can only say hold on to the words of Jesus Christ and God. I do not know what you are going through at this time but what I do know is God is fighting for us, please, understand you may say you need answers to all of your fighting questions as I do too. Well, I have the answer for it all. Yes! I found it for all of us. I know this is not a surprise for some of us. I have the play book for life. Yes! You do too! I just need you to take 5 minutes a day and find out how this life is going to be. I know it is hard to understand at times. Still, start today, I cannot promise an easier life but, I can promise that you will have all the promises you need to fall on when times are hard. Really you need to go to it all the time. It is your bible it has all the answers you will ever need. I do not know why God has you in the period of life he has you currently but, I do no if you just spend a little time with him. In prayer and reading his word. Just give 5 minutes of your 24-hour day. I will not tell you that life will be all roses. Hence, what I will share is you will have a joy and peace that you have never had before. that 5 minutes that you spend with Him will turn into time that you will not want to stop. Yes, at first that 5 minutes may be the hardest thing you ever do. Nevertheless, I do believe if you start there and really talk to him God – Jesus Christ. He will have your life change again; your struggles may not get easier because we are in a fallen world. Yet, God will show up for you every time. I do know for me he is my source and my resource. Yes! My life is not easy at all. however, I do know it is a battle that I will keep on fighting. For I do know again, as Anthony Evans is singing God is fighting for us. God does not back down. We just need to see that he is in control and if you are a believer in Jesus Christ. There is a greater thing that we need to look for and that is Gods Grace. That with his Grace we have a lifetime of goodness. He knows we will struggle here on earth for, he does let the devil Rome here. Yet, you need to know it is not the worldly things that you need it is the long and everlasting life you want to make sure is secure. If you follow his will and asking for his will in life, I do believe your journey will be more bearable on earth, Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for your fighting spirit for us. I know that you love all your children. Yes! You will never back down for us. I do know we need to seek you out more that we do. So, today as I pray to you and write this blog. I hope that all my readers seek your word out for it is exactly right there. The bible is the answer to all with our unending conversation to you in prayer. I thank you that you will give unending peace to your children no matter what they are going through. Tonight, I want to pray for my new friend in Christ. I do know he does know you even before I spoke to him. I just believe tonight you needed a new friend to come into his life to get some comfort for his family. I pray for his whole family wife and children that they are tonight, and every night know that your joy comes in the morning and that they get the peace that only you can give. That life is always the choice they hole on to. For as I do know when we lose a loved one it is harder for the ones that are here. Again, I know that you will give the peace that they need from my words to your ears. Thank you for the love that you give all your children. I do know as I am praying our love ones are with you as well. Just sending down love our way. Life is just something we just must be thankful for and know your grace will get us through it all. I also want to pray for anyone that is readding this and struggling. That they pick up their bible so they can see all your goodness and promises for there life. I love you! God, can you do me a favor as well can you give a hug to all the children and parents today up there for us. Since, we cannot anymore. I know this may sound silly God. Not to you but to some people that pray to you. That I ask you that today but as you know my heavenly Father, I do speak to you just like you are my friend here on earth. Thank you for letting me be your daughter and have that relationship with you. I also pray as people read my talk with you. They see they can talk to you about anything all day long. I thank you in advance for the peace you are going or are giving to my readers. Today and always. In Jesus name Amen!

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