The Way God Answers Prayers! *** A Change In Topic-Title (read on to understand)

From A Cup of Rice and A Song Of Hallelujah!

To The Way God Answers Prayers!

Good Morning to all my readers. It is 3am here in Texas. I am not sure really this morning, why I started it with singing Hallelujah. There is a story behind Hallelujah and a cup of rice. They are not two stories that are mutually exclusive. However, this morning I started as I told you all I woke up singing Hallelujah. It was just not an ok sing for a minute. I have kept it up the whole time I was making breakfast and until I sat down with my food and started typing to you all today. I even tried to stop saying this is crazy! Why God am I singing this. Now, also why I was singing and cooking breakfast. I was reminded to get that cup of rice and put it out.

Yes! Yes! I know let me stop for a minute with my story of my singing and the cup of rice for, I am sure someone is thinking. What did you make for breakfast? So here it is. I made a vanilla latte, an omelet with onions, peppers, mushrooms, and cheese (Mexican). To a company that omelet and latte not one but two hash browns like McDonalds sells. 

Why Yes! My friend Kim I know “You may be thinking 2 hash browns?” Yes! Yes 2! 😊

Now as I am typing this blog. I am also trying to eat my breakfast. I would love to just eat but, when I stop to eat and not type my voice goes back to singing. Crazy Right!

So, I will just eat and type. For the Holy Spirit must have something. I need to let you all know. Also, I will say. I did think I wrote 2 times this week. I do not want to write to much. Yet, again I need to listen to my soul. When I can write, and it comes out easy on the page I know it is not me! God is using me to share my story with you.

 I am sure some of you may not understand this. Let me let you in on a little secret. I do not get it either. I have days I want to share with you all. Nevertheless, it just does not come out. So, I just have to say, “No not today.” Then there are days like this week. Where I can not stop my fingers from typing to you all.

Ok let’s go back to my stories. I will start with the Cup of Rice. Since this story took place first. Now if you have been following my blog. You do know I did tell you all a few months ago. After I found out my dad was getting worse, I started calling home everyday to speak with him. Now, let me share again as I did. We only really talked about good things. Nothing about bills. Plans of his death (meaning why or where he is going to be laid out). No talk about who is getting what or why he did not make a will. We did speak about my mother and she did hear all the conversations. I was on speaker the whole time. He made it noticeably clear to me our first day of conversation. He had other children that would come over and that was most of their talks. He does love them still; He did not want to speak about that stuff. He said, “My mother knew his wishes and for that leave it alone.” I did share with him That is totally fine. For I do have a lot to share with him. Things that are good in my life. I told him and he agree that we would talk about the goodness of the Lord.

 Which, I must say I did love always talking to my Dad about the Lord. I would no matter how old I was or where I lived. I would always call him, to ask him. Where and what does it say in the Bible about this or that. Now, as I would do that years and years ago. My dad would always share with me. “Please, Teresa read the bible for yourself.” Next, I would say, “Yes Daddy, but you know it better. So, let me just ask you.”  Next, he would say, “Yes, but God will show up for you.” I would just say, “Yes Daddy just share with me.” Again, I would just repeat myself. Now he would always do so. No, he would not give me his thoughts sometimes on what he was sharing. He would just share what the word said. I would love that. For I always thought Yes, I got my answer from my earthly dad. I would also state to my Dad it was too hard to read. For I am not good with reading or listening to Gods word. He would just share again. That he really learned to read by reading the bible. Yes, he did not finish school Not sure what grade he did go to. Though, He did later in years get his GED. He loved to read and learn. My Dad was very smart. He took a lot of home-schooling courses. He did go to trade school as well. He was a tool and die maker for over 40 years of his life.

Now, to share we had a great time each day on the phone. The first day after we got the let’s say rules out of the way. I just then started sharing with him. Ok Daddy! Let me tell you what I am learning in my braille classes. Let me share what my blog is looking like. Let me share what the Lord put on my heart today. We would at this point have a great time just talking about all the goodness of the Lord has or is doing. He did speak about his pain at this time but, we would just keep focusing on the Lord. it was a great time even though. He was in so much pain,

 , I in the last let’s say 5 years. Have been Reading and digging in the Bible myself. Yes, you have read that correctly. My dad was so happy to hear my different thoughts on what I was learning myself. He did know I was starting to dig in the Bible 5 years ago. He knew I was writing a blog that I really started in 2016. But pulled down for until 2019. He was so proud of me. However, I can say not until we started speaking within that month. He did really see a great change in me within my walk with the Lord. let me share, the only thing that was different within this month. That was I did every phone call pray out loud with my parents. Yes, I would not end any call without praying. I even called back one day just to pray for I got a call and needed to hang up without praying. but, once he said, “Hey Teresa, we did not pray yesterday.” I laughed and say yes daddy I know. I thought that too. Yesterday. So, let’s not forget. 😊  well, will share with you as I prayed, I just prayed. Nevertheless, my Dad started to cry this one day. I would pray first and then he would go next. My mother would finish us off in prayer. Well, let me share we all were in tears many days however this first day of prayer was so amazing to me. So, I prayed first. Then my Dad started to pray, and he was crying to God saying “Lord Thank You! Thank You! For my answered prayer to you about my daughter. Yes, Lord she is reading her bible. Yes, Lord she is going to do great things for you I Thank You for letting me see her start on her journey with you. I thank you for my answer prayer about her, I am so proud to know she is going to keep up that blog, write a story for you being the glory, I am proud to know she is seeking you out even more today then ever. I thank you for I may not see all that you are going to have her do for you. yet, I am thankful to you today for answering my prayer of her to read and get closer to you. I know she is going to glorify you the rests of her days. Thank you again Lord for letting me see this answered prayer, you are so amazing lord. 😊 Well, I have to say I was surprised. I did know my daddy would say always to me Please just read his (Gods) words. But I did not realize he was taking it to the Lord in prayer. This should not have surprised me but, it did. Now, we both were crying for sure to God in thanksgiving. I have to say it really showed me prayer really works. I did know this; however, this was just such a beautiful day. That I will never forget. For I do see the Lord working in my Bible life. I have always shared my story with people glorifying god over myself in my stories to people. Yet, I would always tell people that I was not versed in where this or that was to help them more. That I would call my dad and get the answer for them. Now currently in the last few years as I have read my Bible. I did still call my daddy nevertheless; I would not have the same talks. They would be different. Now they were about “wow! Dad did you see- here or here. What God did for this on or that one!” So, I did know I was doing it. However, I did not know my daddy was praying for me too. That was great for me to hear and share with you. Now, let me share with you all that. You may be praying for something. God does hear you. However, let me share you will get answers to your prayers. Yet, they just may be answered in a different way. Yes! What I mean by this. God will answer all prayers I do believe. But, he does it in his way and his will. Yes, I pray for all of you that are waiting on an answered Prayer. You just keep on praying whatever it is for. Just add a little different spin on that prayer. God if this prayer, does not align up with your will. Please show me the better plan for that prayer as well. Let’s let God give his will for all your prayers. I do know and believe that his ways are not our ways. He God will answer your prayers better then you could ever imagine. You may lose a loved one or you may not get this or that. However, let me just share. Do not be mad about the change in your prayers. For I will share with you. God knows all. What I mean if he answered you sometimes in the way you wanted. He God knows the outcome of that before you do. So, as we pray. We do not see that. So, take all of everything you are going through to him. Again, just add to your prayers.  God let your way and will be done. Yes, this is hard to do hence, I will share you will be better off for it. I do not think I could have said this years ago. Yet, today I see so much more that God has protected me from. Even if I am struggling, as you all know I am. God is working it out for his glory, and I do believe he knows better than me. Ok I have gone off my story for sure. I am not sure why.

But I will go with it (the story). I now need to change the topic of this writing today. I will I am sure God will have me write about the Cup of rice and Hallelujah song another day.

Currently as I am writing to you all. I have seen God change my writing. During the middle of my story telling. Then later I get a message from someone saying, WOW, Teresa Thanks for this. It is an answered prayer. So, I have learned when my fingers do not stop, and I get a word – story to just go with it.  Yes, so we will just have to wait on the story of A Cup of Rice and A Sing Hallelujah story.

I hope and pray if you needed these words, you know that God has blessed you through my blog.

That you, always know it is not really me. It is God working through me. So, please, just sit still and pray a thank you to him first. Because, if you email me or comment to me. I will do just that for you too. I do know You are Welcome as well from me. I am just blessed to be the vessel that he used to give you this word.

Dear heavenly Father,

I come boldly to you today for I do not know who this will bless. However, it is not always for me to know. I just know and have been learning to just write when you say write. Currently as you know I somedays struggle with you about what to write. I do know to just sit here and let my fingers do the work. That you will bring all of what I say to someone that needs it. I know you know what is best so I will just keep on writing for you. I pray that anyone that is reading this is blessed by my words for you. Thank you in advance for anyone that needed this today. I thank you for my earthly Dad’s answered prayers always. Knowing that you are the one we need to go to. Even if we think we know what we need. That you show up and give us. Exactly what is your will. That your will is the right thing for us. Even when we do not see it at first. I must even go farther and say Thank you for when we do see the light to that prayer. That we think did not get answered. You had something better planned. So, thank you for Not always answering our prayers the way we want. Even if today someone is reading this and does not get it. I pray in the days and weeks of there life they can look back and see. Your handy work was just what they needed. We love you and pray that we stay true to honor you all the days of our lives.

In Jesus name AMEN!

Hey! Let me leave you with my new quote “Having faith in the Lord is more powerful Than wishing on a star!”

I challenge you to try it! Just know all you need is a mustard seed of faith. A mustard seed is exceedingly small. If you know anything about seeds. That seed will grow exceptionally large.

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