Yesterday Was A Month! My Dad’s Gift To You!

Today, I am writing this for my Earthly dad. Who I miss and love so much! No matter what the road brought our way. Today I need to tell you all that my dad is in heaven with his earthly dad and his heavenly dad. I know I will see him again. My heavenly father promises me that. Today my dad is now in heaven for one month. I can say I am proud to say he is there. Nevertheless, I miss him so much. The tears are running down my face as I write this to you all today. He left this earth on August 13, 2020 around 3or 3:30am. No one is totally sure about the time for as I do hate this so much, but I need to share we all were sleeping in the house. When God finally took him home. No hospice nurse stayed. Yes, did I know his days were almost here. Yes! I did share what I saw with my sisters and brothers. On the 12th of August. I was sitting with him when his breath changed it was about 4:30pm that afternoon. I can remember it very clearly. I came out of my parent’s room. Saying what time is it. Someone answered my call. It is now 4:30pm. I walked back into my parent’s room. Thinking ok yes, the nurse Is coming soon. Should I share with my brothers and sisters what I now knew. I really fought with my soul only because my brother and sisters were not wanting to hear anything I was saying. I will never understand what happen with them.

I also always thought we were so close. Nevertheless, God was in my spirit saying, “share this with them.” I first looked at my dad saying my good-byes. Telling him that I did love him and thank you for sharing the Good News of God with me. Before I go on with what happen at that point. Let me share God was working on my heart. To show me a lot of what he was going to do after my dad did pass. He showed me that I needed to now let my Dad Go to heaven and let him finish his work on me and in me. He did God knew; how much I did still go to my earthly dad to be taught his word. I do believe now it is time for me to grow in the Lord with just him and myself. So, I did have a lot of time with my dad and god in the room with God just showing up and speaking with me.

I will tell this story another day. For now, let’s Go back to my dad’s breath changing and me saying Good -bye and that I will always love him. I said one more thing before I shared what I heard. I told my earthly dad I would make him proud that I was going to do whatever the lord wanted to do with me in honoring God and his son. That I did know that God has a plan for my life and at this point God showed it to me. Yes! I am still not totally sure, but I will seek God out for his will for my life. I do believe this is also why I need now more than ever to share my life story with the world.

Now, I left the room calling for my brother Thomas for my sister Gina was being so mean to me. I still do not understand why. I must share I Love all my brothers and sisters so very much. I would do anything for them. I was and am so proud of my sister Gina for standing up and helping my family when my dad needed so much help. However, I just know I feel like I was a threat to her. I could not help the way she did. For my failing sight would not let me. I could barely help myself in my parent’s home. Now let me share as I was telling them what I did hear they just pushed my words to the side. Telling me the nurse would be there soon. Which when God was letting me know in my spirit. I did say well why should I share this the nurse is going to be here soon and share this with them. I am sure. But as I said the spirit told me just tell them. So, I listened.  My sister Gina spoke up and she said, “YES! I Know what is happening” Yet, I really did know they did not.

Well, the nurse came. I decided to stay in my room. My brother Thomas came and told me the nurse was there. I told him Thanks, but I did not want to cause anymore issues. So, let the nurse tell them what I did know.

I could not believe my brother came back in the room to tell me the nurse was leaving. That my dad had less then 24 to 48 hours left. Now, I did know that my dad did have less then that time frame. What I could not believe is that the nurse was just leaving.

I told my brother what she is leaving, Really! He pretty much told me they could handle it. I said Ok if you all think so. Now I because I was not getting along with my sister Gina. I knew I just needed to stay in my room. I did share with my brother PLEASE! PLEASSE! Make sure someone sits with him for the rest of the day and night. I do not believe they took me seriously. I wanted so bad to go in my parent’s room and sit with him until his passing but at that time. I wanted his death to be so peaceful. I did not want to fight with my sister. So, I do believe that is why God had me say my good-byes. At that time. I could hear everyone in the house just not really being with my dad. They did not take it serious at all. I just started praying to God letting him know I wanted to help, but I did not want the strife in the home. I prayed to God that I just please wanted to hear from my mother. If I was correct. I would just listen for my mother to speak out. For if he did pass as I did have share, I would Go to be with her. I felt like I really needed to be by her side. Now, I must share my mom is sick with by-polar. I did see her change with in her by-polar during my dad’s death. I know that yes this is a hard time for anyone but, as I have learned by-polar is a hard sickness. She has never really been ok. She is not under doctor’s care correctly. So, I knew I just wanted to be there for her.

A day or two before my dad did pass. He did say to me. “You know your mother is not understanding this.” “She will have more trouble.” I could not believe my dad was barely speaking at this point. Yet why would he share this with me at this point. I do believe God shows up to let us know things at times. Help your mother. I promised I would. However, a day later or may be hours later that day. I had to go in the room and let my dad know. I could not promise anything to him. I saw a sight in my brothers and sisters that would not let me do so. He did not say anything at this point. I just know he turned his head and reached up for my hand. As I was crying and saying I was sorry for that. No words at all came from him by this time. Ok, so the night was long. I did sleep for the most part. I did wake up around 3 A.M. However, for that is not a surprise nor can I say I knew that he was taking his last breath at that time. For I get up a lot at 3am in the morning. I just started praying to God again. Falling back to sleep until I Yes! Yes! God did it He let me hear my mother’s cries. I jumped out of bed. Ran to her. My sister was on the phone with my older brother. I really wonder if they were going to let me know. However, it does not matter God let me hear my mother’s cry. I went over to her and Hugged her. Just letting her know God had him now He my dad is living for ever in heaven now. He my dad did love her, and that God would not let anything bad happen to her. She was just in tears. Yes, she did hear me however, she just could not believe he was gone. I just loved on her. Let me share I am not close to my mother at all. I have tried all my life. Her sickness never let us get close. Nevertheless, I will always love and want to help her.

After I made sure she was ok. I went back into my room. I just needed to be alone with God. Then I shared with all my friends and family This message via Text.

” Good morning to all! Today is August 13, and as we are all sad here on earth. I must share my father, Anthony Guffanti. Is now in heaven. He is with the Lord of lords, the king of kings. yes! He is peaceful. He is in heaven. He has no more pain. He is not struggling anymore. His race is finished. He’s been called back home to be with the Lord his real father our Heavenly King so, today I ask you to please smile and as you think along the day. Just smile because God has got him. He is now looking down at us saying, I can’t wait till my family and friends can be up here because WOW! It’s amazing.”

 I can only imagine that’s what he is saying because he’s read the Bible for so many years. He’s now seeing it all and when we will all be up there soon. so, as it is sad for the Guffanti family. I need all of you to know he’s in heaven with The Lord of Lords and the King of Kings. He’s up there with Jesus. Romans, (8:28), It’s true! Glorify God today for e is there. He is with us I hope this brings happiness and joy to all for, it is a sad day, but he is finally healed and Home with the Lord”

Well after I shared that message. I went back out to be with my family. Most of them were out on the patio. I opened the door to the patio. Saying to, “them I want to speak at my dad’s funeral.” I am, I was saying this to my youngest brother. I was thinking really God. I am going to do that “SPEAK”. I just knew I needed to listen to the Lord. For he was speaking to me so much within the days before. That I just needed to listen. So, my brother said, “that is ok.” However, I never got to speak at his funeral my brothers and sisters made it so hard for me to stay in Florida. Again, a story for another day.

After I told my brother I wanted to speak. I then took my phone and saw that no one was in the room with my dad. That really was only a shell of a body at that point. Hence, I went into the room and here is what I did.

I started playing Raise a hallelujah! By my pastor’s son, Anthony Evans. I played it loud. As I walked in the room where my dad body was. I started to pray praise and worship to my Heavenly Father. It was more of a thank you to the Lord for all the time I had with my dad. I was lifting my thanks to the lord for healing him. Letting him be his son because we are saved by grace. It is a gift from God. All I was doing was up lifting my dad’s homecoming back to the lord. As the song says Raise A hallelujah

My family came in the house because they heard the music and heard their oldest sister going off.  I am not sure what they thought. I just know I needed to say a prayer and thank God for bringing him home. Where he will be alive forever.

So, today as it has been a month and I miss him. I know I will see him. Again, I know this for sure because I do believe in Jesus Christ. I know God sent his son to save the world from all the sins of the world. God’s word tells us this in John (3:16).

I am praying that if you do not know God and what he did for you and me by sending his son here. You seek him out The Lord that is. Pleas not only make sure you get right with your life. You seek out the Lord and learn what he has done for you. That we could not do it for ourselves. So, God shows us in The Bible how he made a way for you and me to live forever.

As I write this to honor my dad. I know he would want you to see what I write as a Good thing.  My dad would want you to not take his homecoming as a bad thing but, his daughters’ story-blog. For you to seek out your heavenly Father. Know that the best thing you and I could learn from my dad’s (homecoming) is. Get to know who Jesus Christ is.  I pray God gives you the gift of knowing his son.

If you are not a believer in Jesus Christ. I know this does not make sense to you. Nevertheless, please get a bible, read it. Seek out Gods word and his son. Now if this makes you want to say WOW! I want to know this Jesus Christ. For I want to live forever, Pray this prayer with me.

Dear heavenly Father,

Yes, I want to learn about your son. I do believe that I am a sinner saved by grace. That you sent your son to give us everlasting life I want to learn and change my life to serve you all the days of the rest of my life. I pray I can decrease in my life so your son can increase in me.  Thank you, father for giving me the gift of grace.

In Jesus name amen!

Now if you did pray this! Pleas let me be the first to Welcome you into Gods kingdom forever. If you are saying now what

I will share with you there are four things I want you to do.

  1. Get a bible the NASB is a good one
  2. Talk to God – Jesus in prayer every day. Asking him to help you in reading is word. And showing up for with you in this new walk of life.
  3. Find a good bible-based church
  4. There is a book that my pastor has written called Life Essentials for knowing God better experiencing God deeper loving God more by Dr Tony Evans.  Get a copy of this book it will surely help you in your New walk with the Lord.

Now if you really want you can plug in to my church Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. He Tony Evans my pastor is online a lot look the church up via Facebook or YouTube. If you want, you can even look for the class that is call spiritual growth. Dr Tony Evans and OCBF. Has a class that is really for members however, you can email them and ask to be added to one of these classes. I know it will change your walk with the Lord forever.

Thank you for reading my blog. Please like this or comment if you prayed that prayer today. I would love to send a prayer up for you as well.

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