Today I decided to come and write something on my blog. Maybe, we can call it an update. Yes! an update.

So, as I have told you all a little about myself.  Let’s recap just a little. As you all know I am not defined by this world; I find my identity, in Christ.  I am a child of the highest God. Now, that is my identity. My life issues as you may know are as follows, went from having low vision to just about being totally blind ,lost-quit a job because of bullying , still have a $72, thousand dollar debt , and lastly still trying to recover from a concussion from a car accident. Yes! I am still living alone. Yes! before anyone tells me, as they have,” I am never really alone.” Yes! God will always walk along side of me. nevertheless, I am physically alone.  Well, as that is just a little of the recap.

Now, let me tell you what I am doing during this time. As you all see I have started a blog. Even though it is not perfect. Meaning is just out there on the web. Was hoping to find or get someone to help me make it better.  Mistakes and all. I just told myself. Correct or not, I will just try it. I have been diving into all types of studies like learning braille and learning how to use my computer with blind software. I have been listening to all types of podcasts for any type of help for the blind and just anything to broaden my skill set. I have been trying to eat better and add exercise back into my life. (this one is a little hard because I am under doctor’s care). I have been looking for a job. I also have been working on or really trying to start up a blind and low vision Focus group.  Also, I have shared with you my dad is sick. Well I have also been adding in time for him every day, (a phone call back home).  Because of this COVID issue, I cannot go home and be with my family to help.

He is sick with cancer and the doctors have said his time may be up soon, however, I am glad to report that he is sounding GREAT. Now, he is a believer for sure. He does know where he stands with the Lord. Yes! Thank God he not only taught me about the Lord. He is a follower of Jesus Christ.  For as he is in a lot of pain. he does talk -pray to God up above.  He does know God is not only listening but, he does know, no matter what God is in control of his health (life). He stands on the promises of God’s word (Bible). That no weapon formed against him will prosper.  (Isaiah 54:17) That by the Lords stripes he is healed. (Isaiah 53:7) Now that may not be here on earth but, he knows it will be in heaven.  He is not a perfect Dad at all, for no one is perfect. Except, for Jesus Christ who died for our transgressions (sins). He does know, he is saved by grace. A gift only God can give to all. (John 3:16) so, I am blessing ed to know. I will see him again in heaven.

Now, after my last Blog, you all may have been worried because, I that day was going through a lot. I will never give up. Nevertheless, it was a really hard day.

I am glad to report currently, I am Blessed. Here is just a bit of what God is doing.

As I told you all about that Focus group. It now has a Name: Sharing Insights. It has about 10 members. We are working on a Mission Statement. The Focus Group currently has an email address linked to the name. Which is Sharing_Insights@outlook.com .  Please if you would like to know more about this group, feel free to contact me there.  Just know currently it is still a work in process. Our first focus group meeting will be in August. Thank God, he has brought me 10 amazing people to be in this group. They range from blind to low vision and fully sighted.  All the members are professionals. Most of them have a Bachelor or master’s degree. There skills range from being a braille expert, a radio announcer, an author, that has written an amazing book for any parent to read. If you are a parent with a child that has low vision or blindness, this is a must read. Or, if you just want to read a book with a “CAN DO ATTITUDE.”  The book is called, “Blind for A Purpose” by Blake Lindsey (it is currently at Amazon)

There are a Few in the group that either owned a business or still do.  There are a few in this group that speak 2-3 foreign languages, and one is a computer Technologist. There are a few of them that work in the low vision and blindness field.  A singer and composer, some of them are currently continuing their education.   One or more of them play instruments not only for fun but, at their local church.  Others work or are in leadership at their church or with other Programs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  We have a few bloggers. The talent in these 10 professional working people is amazing. Now the ones that are continuing Their education it is in skills like in braille, computer skills, working with children with disabilities, even one person who is studying to be a Rabbi.  I share this with you all because, I feel this is God working at his best. What a great gamut of people to help me with this focus group.   Right Now, let me share with you where all of this comes from after I planted a seed. God, has me connected to learn all my studies at this time in one place. This is a total blessing to me. it is for you as well. You may be saying why YOU!

My testimony I pray gives you the strength to have faith if you do not. To want to seek after him (Jesus Christ.

God gave me this gift years ago however, as you hear so many times from people.  I do not know who or why this is going on right now. So, again a seed is planted. First with a prayer and even maybe you just are doing something that will prosper later

So here it is there is a school called Hadley School for The Blind. You need to check it out. They have been around for 100 years this year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THEM.

It was right under my nose all the time. I have been with this school for years. Doing a little here and a little there. This is where I have learned my braille. At least my first three classes. Braille literacy 1,2, finishing up Braille literacy 3. All three classes are uncontracted braille (which means you learn All of the alphabet, numbers, and symbols like the period, question mark) Braille literacy 4 is contracted. (short form). Even though I have a degree from FAU. (comma) I have taken an accounting class. Just to refresh my skills. I have taken an English class. All from the comfort of my home. Now, this school is also the way I learned that I should start up a focus group of my own. I just learned in the last week they teach or have podcasts on how to blog.

For that is going to be great. For me, my blogging may really become something.

It is a credited school, non for profit, been in the learning business for over 100 years this year

All the learning experts are great. they are just an email or a call away. They really care to teach not only the low vision and blind world. I can say they are happy to help all they can. What a great blessing God has sent me.

An all in one place. Remember, as I started this blog, I said I was looking for help in learning how to blog. Well, God not only gave me the place, he gave it to me for free

Oh YEAH! It is totally FREE TO ALL! YES!  You are reading that correctly FREE to all.    I have so much to learn Hadley offers more classes then I could ever share with you. GO Check it out!  There is something for all! You will be impressed and want to share with all you know!

Please go check it out!  www.Hadley.edu

Dear heavenly Father,

I come to you with joy in my heart. I know my trials are real my heart is hurting at times. however as always you show up right on time. For I do not know what tomorrow will bring. all I do need to know is that you are in the midst of it all. Thank you! I hope that people really get to learn how amazing you are. Just by my testimony.  Please, help anyone that is hurting currently to know you are real. And there for them too. I am so glad to wait on you. For I know what you have for me is so much better then what ever I could imagine for my life. I am proud to share what you are doing no matter what it looks like at the time. For I know you will make it all right in your time for your Glory.  And I will always say this is because of you!

In Jesus name I pray Amen!

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