Do You Really Trust In Him?


Do you really trust him with all that is going on in your life? This is hard for me but, I try every day to cast my cares on to him. I try to keep my prayer life and thoughts with him. Trusting in him for all.  For, if I tell you one thing we need to truly take it all to him. Trusting in his prevision for all of life’s issues.

Life by itself is hard. No matter what age you are.  If you tell anyone your life problems. I am sure you have gotten the answer to how to fix your life. However, the person that you told I am sure is going through their own life problems as well. Yet, they can tell you how easy it is to fix your problems but they cannot fix their problems.

If you cannot fix your life. What makes you think one can fix someone else’s life.  We all have a cross to carry in life. The one thing that I have learned is that   God is the only one that can really help you through it all.  You may agree with me. That we like to tell other people our problems sometimes not really because they have the answer to it. Just because, they are someone to listen to your life. They may not give you the best advice. However they are an ear to listen to you. Many times it is just because you want to rationalize it in your own head. If you listen to nothing else within these blogs. Please each morning or evening take it all to the Lord in prayer.  He knows already what is going on in your life. He will help you through it better than anyone in this world can. I can truly say this because in his word he says that he knew you before you were in your mother’s womb. He is the creator of it all. Yes, not only the world but, you as well. He knows it all. He wrote your story. Even though he knows it all. He is waiting with open arms to hear from you.   Now as I share this truth with you.  Know the one that will give the best answers to you is your Lord and savior. No, man can help you through all that life puts you through.  God will truly make your wrongs right and teach you how to be more like his son, seek him and see what he has for your life. I know your storms at times are hard but, your lord is bigger than any problem you may have.  I want you to try something today not for me. For you, to see him work it out for you better than any worldly person can do for you. Here it is. At this time do not tell another sole what is the problems in your life. Tonight take it to him. Leave all of your life problems at his feet.  You may not get an answer today or even tomorrow but, I do know with in time he will give you an answer to the storms that you are going through. I even want to encourage you to get a journal and write your prayers down to him.  Write your prayer first. Next each day in that same journal write down at least 5 blessings that you have for that day.  Giving him thanks for all that is good in your life even though you are going through hard times. As he answers your prayers write them down as well.  When you pray and cast your worries to him also remember to let him know what you are going to do for him as he changes your life’s storms.  Letting him know just how you are going to glorify him in it all. Again, tell no one your problems from this point on take them all to him in prayer. If anyone asks how you are doing at this point. Just tell them that you are blessed and hily favored. Because if you did not really know that you are. You are his child and he is going to work it all out for his glory. Trust in him with your life and your life’s problems. Each day try to give him about 5 mins. Of your day not only by praying but, by opening his word. Maybe you could even learn a bible verse so you can lean on that while you watch him work on your storm. By doing this you can even find a bible verse that will help you know that as you are casting your worries. He is giving you words of his truths so you can truly believe it will work out.  The storm will pass.  I can say that because as we all know nothing last forever. However, if you just take it to him I can promise you he will fix it better than any man could.

Bible versus

Philippians 4:13, Psalms 55:22,

Dear heavenly Father,

Today I want to ask you that you help all of us. Your children. Knowing that you are the master of it all. You created us and the world. All we have to do is cast all of our worries over to you.  Trusting in you with it all. No matter how big or small you have our back. I know you wrote our life story and all you want us to do is trust in you. Taking all of our worries to you. Knowing that you already know what is bothering us. You just need us to always lean on you for all things. I come to you thanking you for this in advance. You care for us more than any other person could in this world. So today, I ask you to help my readers come only to you with their life issues and watch you work it out for your glorify. I know you say in your word you say, we   can do all things with Christ who strengthens me.  To cast all of my worries on to you. So today I am going to do just that and thank you for your glory in it all.  Knowing that you will work it out for us better than any man could. For they cannot do what you can.

In Jesus name amen!


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